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WhatsApp is unarguably the biggest Instant Messaging (IM) social media app. And since its acquisition by Facebook, it has evolved a lot and has added a lot of exciting features to make the ecosystem more conducive and useful to its users.

A WhatsApp TV is simply a type of social media business whereby people use the medium of their WhatsApp status to provide entertainment or business opportunities for others.
The entertainment can either be in the form of pictures, funny/comedy videos, funny jokes, music videos, etc.


We offer the following services:

  • Life Hacks
  • Give Away
  • Funny Memes
  • Comedy skits
  • MCM & WCW
  • Advertisements
  • Music videos
  • Hilarious jokes
  • Savage Replies
  • Birthday Shout-outs
  • Important News Updates
  • Money Making Opportunities
  • Data Cheats also available, e.t.c

I work hard for the Audience. Its Entertainment, I don’t need Validation.

Denzel Washington

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How do I Join your WhatsApp TV?

Well, its a very simple process

Kindly follow the steps below;

1. Click on the link below to get directly Connected to us on WhatsApp

Click Here to join us on WhatsApp

2. Once you’re in, send your name to us and you will be added to our contacts list immediately.

3. Save our WhatsApp contact as Regular TV show.

4. We value your privacy, so please restrict us from viewing your WhatsApp status. For more information on how to set restrictions, PLEASE CLICK HERE…


You can send a message on WhatsApp to the number Below with your name, so we can add you up ASAP

WhatsApp TV : +2348071006515

Note: You can view our posts on your WhatsApp status only if you’ve saved our contact.

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